From Floral Polaroid Editorials to Stylish Sister Lookbooks

 - Jul 31, 2014
While Polaroid photography might be a defunct way of capturing moments, we're continuing to see the antique-esque form of photography in the fashion world. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest have made us accustom to faded filters and sepia-toned images, which is what these fashion editorials and ads look to capture as well.

Simulated rusticity is a wave in the photography and fashion industries that shows no sign of breaking just yet as the digital frontier renders our level of content creation infinite. Photographs no longer age as an old Polaroid does, which has created a disconnect for consumers that crave the nostalgic undertones of years past. While Polaroid photography provided an inane filter to our images, we're now overlaying our digital images with filters in a bid to achieve something more organic and less contrived.