'DoYaThing' Official Music Clip is an Eerie Twist on Modern Living

The 'DoYaThing' official music video from the Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy is completely odd and highly captivating.

How would one react if their morning toast popped out of the toaster and flew right into a bowl of severed ears? How would their perception change if this happened in a kitchen in which masked individuals were lounging in the cupboards and even the refrigerator? And how much further could one's bewilderment stretch if I added that there was an angry zombie in a wheelchair-assisted lift trying to make it down the stairs? These are all elements on the DoYaThing official music video which depicts the morning rituals of 2-D.

With a ton of respectable work under their belt and recent rumors of a break up circulating, the Gorillaz return to glory in a way that is modern, entertaining and warmly welcomed by fans.