From Numerous Acapella Covers to Bey's Groundbreaking Music Videos

 - Oct 25, 2013
Whether you're an official member of the Beyhive (Beyonce's fan base) or not, you have to admit that nothing can compare to a great Beyonce video. Though obviously vocally gifted, Beyonce's talent lies largely in her ability to charm the camera. This is exemplified best by not just her official music videos, but by her live performances that show a tangible attention to detail.

As a result, Queen Bey has inspired tons of cover videos on YouTube. Whether it's an acapella version of her biggest hits, or a funny video focusing on her always incredible choreography, it seems everyone (myself included) wants a taste of what it's like to be Beyonce. Take a look at these Beyonce videos and, in the famous words of Queen Bey herself, "bow down, b*tches."