The Beyonce 1+1 Video is Full of Fire and Grease and is Still Stunning

With the recent news of Beyonce's pregnancy taking over Twitter and celebrity news channels (and if we're being honest, about 50% of my conversation topics), the Beyonce 1+1 video is here to remind viewers that regardless of how pregnant she will soon become, Ms. Knowles is, and will always be, stunning.

Full of fire, smoke, water and a lot of grease, the Beyonce 1+1 video is strange and artsy, but manages to remain beautiful and captivating, unlike a certain odd pop star who, as far as I'm concerned, always somehow crosses over into just plain weird (I'm talking to you, Gaga).

At one point Beyonce even sheds a tear and then rubs a melting ice cube all over herself. Sure, it doesn't exactly make sense, but it's Beyonce and the woman could prance around a petting zoo in 6 inch heels and I would still be in awe.

Enjoy the Beyonce 1+1 video!