From Beyonce's Sparkling Gowns to Show Stopping Performances

 - Nov 29, 2013
Nobody knows the diva lifestyle better than Queen Bey. Beyonce plays the roll so well, I'm sometimes convinced she danced out of the womb in six-inch heels. However, the diva life is more than just the look; you have to have the attitude to match and Beyonce has always shown that's something she's never gone without.

Recently, this show-stopping music royal was banned from touring Egypt's beautiful pyramids due to her tardiness and being reluctant to apologize. Queen Bey was refused tour access by archaeologist Zahi Hawass with zero exceptions -- tough break for the star, who probably really did want to see those pyramids.

Then again this is Beyonce we're talking about. She could probably have her own pyramids built in her backyard by next week if she really wanted to.