- Jan 30, 2013
These exceptional Eva Herzigova photoshoots shine light upon the budding Czech model. Herzigova has been in the limelight of advertisements with Victoria's Secret and Wonderbra, distinguishing her as one of the world's top lingerie figureheads.

Runway legend covers and couture champagne campaigns have added a distinctive feel to Herzigova's work. She has remained sensual and upscale at once, bringing about her partnerships with Sports Illustrated, La Senza and Trevor Beattie.

Herzigova has at the same time demonstrated her knack for art via her style-minded film that she produced alongside Roberto Cavalli and Image Fashion. Titled 'Decadent Control,' it displayed a seldom seen alternative side to the Storm Model London member, one that has been eagerly received by her fan base.

From Runway Legend Covers to Champagne Campaigns: