The BMW Check My Machine Video Features Music Made by the 1 Series

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: bmw & autoblog
If you are sick of hearing the same old music (classical, synth or indie rock bands) in car commercials, then you are definitely going to want to check out the BMW Check My Machine video. BMW's latest ad for their 1 Series features music made entirely by car.

The video takes place at a BMW plant in Regensburg, Germany, and features cameo vocals by the machines working at the plant. The music culled from the car itself was created by Munich artists Jonas Imbery and Mirko Borsche. All of the music in the video can actually be heard in the BMW 1 Series. Sounds that even a BMW neophyte can pick up include the vocals from the navigation system, the clicking of the seat belt and the hydraulic lift of the car's hatch. Even if you aren't a BMW fanatic, I still recommend checking out this video as it is refreshingly creative and original.