From Hairy Stripper Billboards to People-Hanging Campaigns

 - May 31, 2013
With the thousands of different advertisements we see each and every single day, it takes something truly inventive and unique to catch our attention, and these shocking billboard ads are some great examples of marketing techniques taken to the extreme.

Gone are the days when companies marketed their products by simply showcasing an image of it in a commercial or print ad. Nowadays ad agencies have to create more of a concept and message behind a product or idea in order to catch the attention of those passing by. From suggestive TV show ads to controversial animal testing billboards, these shocking campaign tactics are meant to engage the viewer and make them take a minute to stop and look at this piece of advertisement.

While you may disagree with a few of these often vulgar marketing tactics, there's no question that these billboard ads will certainly catch your attention when you walk by.