Kvallspressen Impact Suggests an Alternative Marketing Method

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: abbynorm.se & adsoftheworld
Over the past decade, ambient advertising has exploded, leaving companies craving their names behind airplanes, but this Kvallspressen Impact campaign communicates an unsatisfied sentiment. Interestingly, the advertising agency uses this method to demonstrate a point, which may actually gain the brand all the more attention.

But it is entirely deliberate, because ads on urinals, bicycle seats, subway station staircases and T-shirts are often noticed and remembered -- but only by the people who come in contact with them. The argument made by Abby Norm of Stockholm on K.I.'s behalf is that 3,988,000 people will not use a single toilet in the time that so many can discover your brand in a newspaper.

So essentially, this Kvallspressen Impact campaign succeeds on two levels, by presenting potential K.I. tabloid package customers with eccentric images, but posted within far more opportune places.