- Jan 17, 2013
These creative car ads promote everything from super cars to family SUVs, but are all inventive in their own way.

Car commercials often employ humor to get their point across, like the thugged-out mommy rap commercial for the Fiat 500L. In on ad called 'The Motherhood," a mom sits in her living room holding her child as she raps in a gangster tone about her new car and all that it provides her. The contrast between the gangster rap conventions she is mimicking and her relatively unthreatening appearance make this a beautifully creative car commercial.

Performance-driven car commercials are often quite creative, although they usually exaggerate the abilities of the car. This is the case with the MINI Countryman ad where the car makes duplicates of itself while driving to avoid obstacles.

From Spoof Rap Commercials to Apocalyptic Auto Ads: