The Peugeot ‘Just Add Fuel' Commercial Does All the Work for

This car commercial has been produced entirely by paper, features a voiceover by TV's John Simm, and is being used to support the Peugeot ‘Just Add Fuel’ marketing campaign. The use of an all paper-crafted set symbolizes the simplicity involved in purchasing a Peugeot; Peugeot will get everything you need done and all the owner has to do is just add fuel.

The perfect British accent coupled with the light music means to get audiences into a soothed mood while watching the commercial. The cute little car drives through a range of paper-created hazard zones with John Smith explaining the various benefits in terms of safety and finance that come with owning a Peugeot.

The Peugeot ‘Just Add Fuel’ campaign reminds car fanatics that cars are meant to make life easier on and off the road.