Nissan Upsets Saudis

 - Aug 13, 2008
References: netorama
This Nissan video commercial has received a lot of criticism for being racist. The Japanese car manufacturer has gone and upset Saudi Arabia so much, they have threatened a boycott of the car company after commercials aired on Israeli TV.

Inexplicably, they decided the way to display their new car was to show a group of Saudi oil barons screaming and attacking the Renault-Nissan vehicle. The Saudis are also shown leaving a hotel and discovering a fuel-efficient vehicle outside. One Saudi then pounds his fists on the car as he shouts at it, "hawks should peck at you day and night."

And it gets worse…

The commercial ends with a voice-over saying, ""It’’s clear the oil companies won’t like you.""

Really, what were they thinking? It really is beyond any understanding of mine.

Here is the official line: