The Toyota Prius 'People Person' Commercial Uses 18 Bodies in One

 - Sep 15, 2011
References: toyota & adweek
If you thought all car commercials were the same, you surely have not seen the Toyota Prius 'People Person' ad, released to promote the debut of the full Prius Family. Created by Los Angeles agency Saatchi & Saatchi, the minute-long advert follows the very average morning routine of a not-so-average being: a giant made from the bodies of 18 humans.

While this might sound like the plot of a horror film, the clip is actually incredibly charming and lighthearted, showing how each person plays an important role in the giant's life, working as the arms, hands, ankles, and so forth. The ad concludes with the larger-than-life figure disassembling itself at the realization that there are now four Prius models, meant to represent, "From one person to many, from one Prius to many," according to executive creative director Margaret Keene.

The Toyota Prius 'People Person' commercial is eye-catching and is sure to be a gigantic hit with its quirky concept and fantastic use of live action and animation.