- Jun 4, 2013
A wide array of surprising solar technologies have hit the market in recent times. Everything from solar-powered computers, cars, keyboards, and phone chargers to bikinis, skeleton dolls, cat toys and lifesavers. The spectrum of solar-powered technology is vast and wide with an equally awesome and strange variety of inventions within it.

Inventors have been very much motivated to do what they can with solar technology. One such inventor created solar paint that allows for the product to be painted anywhere the sun can reach it and harness as much light as possible. Since solar-power creates energy without using energy, merely harnessing the sun's amazing powers, solar-power is without a doubt a major emerging energy source worldwide. Alongside wind and water power, solar technology is one of the most eco-friendly and clean ways to create energy in the world.

From Solar-Powered Lingerie to Sun-Charging Computers: