The 'Airflow' Hovercraft is the Future Transportation for Helsinki

 - Sep 29, 2010   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Finnish designer Lukas Medeisis' 'Airflow' hovercraft aims to shift Helsinki's public transportation from city centre to the coast line in the year 2020. Airflow features hybrid engines that are powered by transparent solar modules placed on the hovercraft's laminated polycarbonate roof.

Airflow features LED front and rear lamps that ensure safe ride in the night. Airflow also has ample space onboard that allows bicycle storage.

Implications - As the concern for the planet increases each day, the demand for green-friendly products emerges as well. Consumers looking to become more eco-conscious are attracted to items that don't cause harm to the environment. Companies could develop their products with more sustainable methods in order to attract more customers.