From Long Weekend Cottage Watercrafts to Flying Hovercrafts

 - May 20, 2013
If you’re lucky enough to escape the city and head to a cottage this weekend fun times are guaranteed to be had, and if you play on the water with these long weekend cottage toys you’ll never want to come back!

Long weekend cottage adventures are great for many reasons. Time seems to pass slowly when you are relaxing with friends and family, eating fresh local foods and enjoying nights under the stars. Another reason people love getting away is to play on the water. Swimming and boating on a large body of water can easily pass the day away. Whether you enjoy extreme sports or casual competition these extreme water toys are great fun for everyone. From submersible jet skis to futuristic inflatable wave riders these long weekend cottage toys will have to smiling and splashing in the sun. Just don’t forget to wear a lifejacket.