The 2011 VXR Waverunner is So Powerful It Might Outpace Your Car

 - Sep 29, 2011
References: waverunner-fan & gizmodo
The 2011 VXR Waverunner is the culmination of years of research, emerging technologies and the ambitious dreams of Yamaha engineers. Now that may sound lofty and overstated -- particularly for a simple jet ski -- but trust me, the new Waverunner is well-worth the praise.

When compared to small utility vehicles (like the famous Smart Car), the 2011 VXR Waverunner is a veritable beast: lighter, faster and more powerful in every respect. For starters, this jet ski is capable of seating three passengers without issue. Its 1.8L, 4-cylinder engine is not only the largest ever installed into a personal watercraft, but dwarfs most car motors. And despite boasting a colossal, 3.27 meter frame, the Waverunner's hull is among the lightest in the market, made from exclusive NanoXcel materials.

At $11,000, the 2011 VXR Waverunner seems like the intelligent choice for owners of beach property who spend more time in the water than on land.