Whirlpool Jet Boats at Niagara Falls

 - Jun 15, 2010
References: whirlpooljet
The Whirlpool Jet Boats by Niagara Falls now ranks as one of our best Trend Hunter fun days ever. In short, the concept combines whitewater rafting and jet boating...

When you’re handed a life jacket, a gigantic poncho and a pair of "aqua socks," you know you’re in for some water-packed fun. Which was exactly what happened thanks to our friends at Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours.

After being told that no amount of waterproof gear would keep us from getting absolutely soaked head-to-toe, we climbed onto one of Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours’ colossal boats and were taken to Devil’s Hole Rapids—where we literally went underneath the waves!

Being soaked was an understatement. While anticipating each "splash" was fantastically fun, developing a new relationship with Niagara Gorge’s lake water (read: light drowning) was the best part of the tour. Oh, and seeing the hair of one of our programming co-ops—Wesley—get completely drenched and fall perfectly right back into place.

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