The Ingo Maurer & Architects Paper Designs are Futuristic

 - Aug 11, 2012
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The Ingo Maurer & Architects Paper glowing LED wallpaper is incredibly futuristic. Unlike other wallpapers that are solar powered and glow for a short period of time, this paper is actually embedded with tiny red, white and blue lights. The best part of it all is that it is customizable, so the design and brightness can be controlled.

This invention takes interior decor to a whole new level. Although, it is not uncommon to see such LED displays in department stores and restaurants, it is not as predominant with everyday homeowners. This concept would be ideal for a children's bedroom, or for those who seek that ultra modern and galactic look. This Ingo Maurer & Architects Paper LED wallpaper is made in Germany, but is sure to become a popular design element.