Solar Powered Air Conditioning

 - Mar 22, 2007   Updated: Jun 10 2011
References: blog.scifi & news
Here's an obvious idea: an air conditioner that runs on power from the sun. That's what a company in California called SolCool Inc, will be releasing into the market next month. The air conditioner will be able to cool one large room and SolCool Inc says that it "can be run on solar power, from a wall socket" or a battery backup in case of blackouts or if there is no sun.

Implications - The featured video explains that general air conditioners are horrible for the environment and use up a ton of electricity. Using a solar-powered air conditioner is not only better for the environment, but it could also stop power outages in the summer from happening. The solar-powered units only uses up a max of 500 watts, while a typical air conditioner will use twice that much.