The Sunwhisper/24 Runs on Silent Sun

 - Sep 27, 2009
References: freepowersys
The Sunwhisper/24 is a super quiet solar powered grass cutting machine built from a modified Black and Decker cordless mower upon which has mounted a solar panel. Using a non-gas mower makes good eco-sense too.

Not only are gas-powered mowers noisy, they’re polluting. According to Americans use about 800 million gallons of gas each year to mow their lawns; garden equipment engines emit high levels of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, producing up to 5% of the nation’s air pollution; and a traditional gas powered lawn mower produces as much air pollution as 43 new cars each being driven 12,000 miles.

It’s amazing that something like changing the kind of energy a lawnmower uses can have such a big postive impact on the environment.