- Jun 22, 2012
While more people live in cities than ever before in human history, many people still have a soft-spot for raunchy redneck culture.

Historically, the term redneck was a derogatory label applied to poor, uneducated farmers, mostly in the southern United States. In contrast, hillbilly was a term more closely associated with people who lived rural mountainous areas of the United States, mostly in the Appalachians. As with redneck, this term is usually considered derogatory; however, both terms have become fairly interchangeable in contemporary times.

In recent years, the term redneck has taken up kitschy, almost endearing connotations. Comedians like Jeff Foxworthy have used it as a punchline to their jokes, adding a humorous element to it. The rap-rave group Die Antwoord regularly make reference to 'zef' culture in their music; in South Africa, zef has a meaning similar to that of Redneck in North America. Furthermore, some fashion designers and enthusiasts often incorporate redneck accoutrement into their outfits in a stab at irony.

It's interesting to see how connotations and conceptions change over time; these raunchy redneck shed some light on this process.

From Shotgun Decor to Trailer Park Fashion: