Creek Stewart Creates the Ultimate Survival Tool

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: willowhavenoutdoor & gizmag
In the case of a zombie apocalypse, learning how to make Creek Stewart's pump-action shotgun will give you an edge in survival.

Creek Stewart's shotgun was modified based on five categories of survival: water, fire, shelter, signaling and food. This firearm can hold different types of ammunition for hunting animals and can carry 19 rounds in total which include ones functioning as signaling flares. You can mount a knife onto it as well as a flashlight and a compass on the gun barrel. Customized storage compartments hold essentials such as fishing kits, first aid supplies and more. You can even start a fire with the shotgun by striking a knife against the steel rod located at the top of the stock. The list goes on for what this bad boy can do. I'm betting Rick from the Walking Dead wishes he has one handy now.