Die Antwoord and Their Enter the Ninja Zef-Rap-Rave Sound

 - Mar 16, 2010
References: interviewmagazine & nme
Frontman, Ninja and Die Antwoord (The Answer) are heating up the interweb with their funky, edgy, mesmerizing zef-rap-rave sound and VERY weird, imagery rich videos.

'Zef' is an Afrikaans term that roughly translates to, 'redneck,' but not really because it's a little like trying to define 'dada' in art -- you know it when you see it, maybe.

The Afrikaans posse has become a YouTube sensation. The Internet server for their website had to be moved to a U.S.-based server to handle the download traffic.

Once you start watching them, they're as difficult as junk food to resist.