Go for the Burn With This (Fake) Iron-Inspired Treatment

 - Dec 22, 2008
References: greatinventions
Tattoos can be chic, but sometimes they just have to come off. While there are many ways to rid yourself of an unwanted tattoo, the Magic Wand System is one hot option--literally.

The Magic Wand System is the perfect gift for that ex-con or other socially-challenged individual who regrets the unfortunate decision to tattoo LOVE-HATE across his--or her--knuckles. I’m not convinced it would be equally appropriate for those in need of a removal method for a full body, or facial tattoo. Though I must admit, I am left a bit curious about the person who might use it in that way.

The wand is the blue-handled device shown in the photo gallery. It’s oddly reminiscent of a clothes iron. A clever re-marketing scheme, perhaps? Or merely a satirical product aimed at the culture of tattoo consumption, where even once-permanent body modifications like tattoos are subject to the whims of their owners...

A better course might be to skip the wand and use a professional laser tattoo removal service, like the one in the video above, or go with the redneck tattoo removal method--sand it off.