The Hexa Concept Car Cuts Through the Air Like a Golf Ball

 - Aug 18, 2012
References: artdim.over-blog & tuvie
Chances are that the Hexa concept car is the only vehicle ever designed after a golf ball. Designer Bez Dimitri took the dimples off of a golf ball and put them onto the roof of his concept. The result is a car with a lower drag coefficient that also takes longer to heat up.

Being able to slice more efficiently through air is a good thing, especially since the Hexa concept car is solar powered. Powering a car using the energy of the sun is dicey at best, so it only makes sense to design a car that will be able to maximize mpgs. Like all good concept cars, the Hexa will probably never become a reality. Still, its unique rooftop could serve as an inspiration to auto manufacturers looking to take some of the drag off of electric vehicles.