This Solar Powered House is Minimalist and Eco-Friendly

 - Mar 5, 2013
References: facebook & tjep
This self-sustaining solar-powered house could be your perfect holiday home. The compact hut combines technology and solar-powered roof panels. Being billed as the ultimate retreat hut, the ‘isolée’ is a modern shed-like structure with three floors for users to relax in.

Created Frank Tjepkema of ‘Tjep’ the house features a stem-like structure on the roof which is fitted with solar panels to track the sun's movements and change position accordingly to catch as much sun rays as possible. One of the amazing design features of this eco-friendly home is that during the day, giant solar panels automatically extend from the side of the house to pick up extra power. If the house's computer system senses a storm coming the side panels will automatically retreat back inwards. The home also features a wood burning stove for cozy winters nights.