- Aug 13, 2008
References: greencoreair & treehugger
Greencore's air conditioning units are serious contenders for the mass market, as illustrated by the fact that they are currently being tested by MacDonalds and the US Navy.

It seems crazy that there are not loads of solar powered models already available. Air conditioning is needed when it is hot, especially when the sun is shining, so it seems ridiculous not to run it with solar power. Especially when traditional units use huge amounts of electricity.

With just one 170-watt solar panel it can keep a 600 square foot room cool. And if the sun decides not to come out one day and the batteries are not charged, it can also run off the main grid so you won´t be left without air conditioning.

There is no mention of pricing on their website and I don't imagine it will be particularly cheap at the moment. However, with McDonalds and the Navy already testing it out, it can't be long before it is also affordable to the general public.