MacBook Earth, Fire and Water

 - Mar 18, 2008
References: dvice & dvice
What comes after the MacBook Air? This is why ad execs get paid the big bucks. The MacBook Earth is the greenest laptop ever made. It has no cord because it is solar powered notebook. It's 100% biodegradable so you dispose of it when it's time to upgrade.

The MacBook Fire is so fast the insides glow, so you don't a need a keyboard back light.

According to, "When things get too hot to handle, just slip on the supplied asbestos gloves. Consider the tan you get a bonus."

The MacBook Water you pour out and splash the iFluid onto any flat surface. The iFluid takes the shape of a keyboard and monitor.

According to, "Warning: Storing the MacBook Water at temperatures below 0°C will void the warranty."

This stuff is great and entertaining.