- Dec 12, 2008
President-elect Barack Obama has said a number of times that he plans to make the White House green. The eco-friendly architecture and home modifications in the cluster below should be more than enough to give Obama and the White House design team some inspiration.

According to the CS Monitor, prior presidents have already given Obama a headstart in this endeavor. In 2002, 167 solar photovoltaic panels were installed on the White House roof. By 2007, low-flush toilets, ‘smart’ lawn sprinklers and improved insulation were also implemented. And former president Clinton commissioned a ‘Greening the White House’ report prepared by the Rocky Mountain Institute, which proposed modified skylights, efficient windows and upgraded HVAC systems.

From living walls to solar-powered cities, the eco-friendly modifications shown below can be scaled to suit nearly any home, from your two-bedroom flat to Obama’s 2009 White House.

Perfect for Obama's Greener White House: