Hidden Eco-Friendly Corporate HQ

 - Feb 9, 2008
References: building
The perfect excuse for being late for work has inadvertently been created by the architect and interior design team at the Penson Group. This proposed headquarter, called the Vestry, of a major UK company comes with a layer of green grass that disguises it from view. The layer of grass and hedges on the faceted roof help maintain the building's serious green credentials as well as making it a part of the surrounding countryside.

The Vestry is is located in the South-East of England and will use 100% renewable energy from its on-site sources; with clever design utilising daylight to reduce reliance on artificial lighting, smart drainage systems that will be stored to be later utilised in cooling the building in summer months, and car park landscaping, this ultra-green building will be hard to find from the ground and near impossible to be viewed from the air.

A tennis court here and there, a BBQ area, a swimming pool, and an outdoor bar will make this company worth adding to your CV.