Million Tree March

 - Jul 30, 2007
References: sfgate
How many times have you printed some documents from the web and ended up with that one page with nothing but a URL or logo on it?

Though many people chuck it in the recycle bin, too many throw it out. Not only is it environmentally damaging, but it's a time waster and a huge frustration.

GreenPrint was developed to help stop this problem. The Portland Oregon company was started by Hayden Hamilton, a former Ford Motor Corp executive. The program he developed “is able to flag those pages before they print, and make sure they're something you really want to have in hard copy,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“I worked for Ford a few years ago in Europe, doing innovation stuff, and we had a Costco-size building that was five stories tall,” Hamilton was quoted. “On each floor, there were 25 print stations, and all of them would be overflowing with orphan pages by 10 a.m. each day.”

"For every copy of GreenPrint sold before March 31, we will plant a tree," GreenTree's site promises. "If we reach 500,000 trees before March 31, we´ll match every tree planted with an additional tree, making March 2008 a Million Tree March."

That's a lot of paper waste. In a time where our world is becoming more conscious of our environment, it's not surprise that green innovations seem to be popping up all over the place.