Lumeta PowerPly

 - May 12, 2008
References: cleantechantics.blogspot
Things are looking much greener at the solar energy front these days. After recently reporting on inflatable solar panels, we bring you another efficient and cost effective solar power innovation that will make opting for a solar roof a viable and more convenient option.

The key innovation in the Lumeta PowerPly "peel & stick" is the use of standard roofing adhesives to attach the modules to the roof, rather than traditional racking systems. No more expensive and inconvenient drilling holes and bolts. Since all roofers are familiar with these standard adhesives, no special expertise is needed in deploying the system. Another advantage is maintaining the integrity and quality of your roof with minimal intrusion on the structure.

The best and most exciting point however, is the ultra fast deployment of these solar panels. How fast? Extremely fast! Watch the above video which shows only two solar roofing engineers install 2.25 kilowatts' worth of the solar modules on a roof in just under 35 minutes.

Imagine, having your roof turn into an environment and eco friendly source of green energy within half an hour!

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