20 Options For An Eco-Friendly Green Roof

 - Dec 21, 2008
Green rooftops are a crucial component in any noteworthy eco-friendly building. The California Academy of Sciences and the Ford Rouge truck plant each have living rooftops as one of their more prominent design features. And the Vatican’s rooftop solar panels citywide have earned the Holy See a ton of respect from environmentalists.

Architects and building planners have the pleasure of creating eco-friendly buildings and rooftops from scratch. But what about the everyday environmentalist that can’t spare the coin for a brand new home? The articles in the slideshow below are a nice mix between green rooftop design inspiration and practical ideas that you can apply to your home right now.

It would be fantastic to have a green roof complete with native plants like the Ford Rouge truck plant. But grass-covered roof tiles are every bit as eco-friendly, and they’re self-watering to boot! You might not have the real estate to implement giant photovoltaic panels on your roof. But the Lumeta PowerPly peel-and-stick solar panels make the best of any surface, even if it’s an awning.

Check out these and other eco-friendly rooftop options below.