The 60 Story Antilia House

 - Jun 5, 2007
References: mumbaimirror
Mukesh Ambani is India’s richest man and in a vain attempt to prove it, he’s building himself a skyscraper mansion that he wants to call "Antilia". Antilia is the name of a mythical island some believe to be in in the Atlantic Ocean near Spain. Mr. Mukesh’s ultra luxury residence is the stuff of legend and according to the Mumbai Mirror, it’s height will be the equivalent of a 60 storey residential building and it’s exterior will be completely glass-mirrored like a traditional skyscraper. Mr. Ambani purchased the land in 2002 and construction has started on what proposes to be the most ambitious dwelling in recent memory. According to the plans, the structure will have only 27 storeys meaning much higher ceilings than is the standard. The 27 storeys will be broken down as follows: Six floors for parking, one floor will be an automotive garage, one floor for entertainment, four floors for the open-air balcony gardens, two floors for the health club, two floors are designated as the emergency rendez-vous floors, two floors for the Ambani family guests, four floors will be for Mr. Ambani’s immediate family, three floors will be building maintenance, one floor will be for mechanical works, and just before the rooftop heliport will be the heliport’s control room floor. The plans remind me of a great website called Mr. Wong’s Soup Parments - an online collaborative World’s tallest Internet building site that was popular in 2002. If you go over there and scroll down the different floors, you’ll even come across the Bollywood Indian Cinema floor that shows billboards for different movies including the classic Amitabh Bachchan hit: Sholay.