Eat, Drink & Be Eco-Friendly

 - Nov 27, 2006
Acorn House is a brand new addition to London's culinary hotspots where you can indulge in exotic food and fine wines in luxury surroundings - and help save the planet by the time the dessert arrives.

The new eatery is most probably the most environmentally friendly restaurant in Europe; from organic paint on the walls to organic seasonal produce decorating your plate.

The eco-eatery is not only eco-friendly but is also very easy on the eye with impressive modern décor (recycled materials were used to form the building), an excellent wine list, and exquisitely presented food, all served up by sharply dressed staff.

Acorn House is an evolution and experimentation, with more than just food on the mind, its more about the whole food process, from where and how the food for the restaurant is grown to how the waste is disposed of.

Most of the restaurant's food and drinks are sourced locally, such as the bottled water which is supplied by Belu, a company whose bottles are made from biodegradable corn and gives all of its profits to clean-water projects.

Some supplies which cannot be produced in the UK are shipped in, instead of using airplanes.

In the restaurant, portion pricing helps customers choose food according to their appetite and saves on food wastage. While the inevitable raw waste produced by the restaurant will be mulched, then processed through an on-site wormery and used to create soil for a vegetable and herb garden on the roof of the restaurant.

A training center for chefs at Acorn House is aiming to unleash eco-chefs into the food industry to spread the environmentally friendly message still further.

The restaurant owners continue to seek further innovative ways to make the eco-eatery more eco-friendly, for example, the restaurant van, is looking for a sponsor to pay for its switch to biofuel.

The Acorn House restaurant leaves a small environmental footprint on the planet but a lasting impression on its customers.