59 Laptop And Notebook Innovations To Tap Into

 - Oct 21, 2008
Laptops and notebooks free users from being stuck in one place. As they become more popular, some of the innovative computer trends are for smaller, thinner and ultra light models. New generations of laptops may not even resemble the types we have today -- they could be more book like. Prices for these portable computers are also continually tumbling.

Customization is also big, from luxury laptops to haute couture laptop skins, even a tattooed laptop. Not surprisingly, security innovations are also featured in this cluster, given the high cost and relative ease in stealing something this small. Protection against watery accidents could also be popular as many people do eat and drink while tapping away on their laptops.

There are a number of innovations to ensure that men may still father children by helping to keep the crotch area cooler. Design carrier options, as well as different laptop bag innovations, also help fill this giant cluster.