Apple to Use Chords to Control Apps

 - Feb 20, 2008
References: macrumors
The coolness of touch pads that react to different finger movements is fascinating; just think of the iPhone.

Apple seems to really like this concept and want to stretch even further. The company has applied for a patent that would involve the use of "chords" to create different reactions. Much playing a piano, using different fingers in different positions leads to different results.

"They also claim to be able to distinguish between various combinations of fingers, including adjacent and non-adjacent finger presses," MacRumors wrote. "In particular, they point out that the pinky finger when applied sideways to the trackpad (as in the bottom of a fist) generates a unique pattern and could be used for its own customizable functionality: such as adjusting volume or putting the computer to sleep."

The possibilities are almost endless if they can bring this to market. With their success right, I'm betting yes.