HP Pavilion DV6929 Comes in Eco Messenger Bag

HP’s notebook computers are getting greener by the minute. The HP Pavilion dv6929 laptop was recently named the winner of Walmart’s Home Entertainment Design Challenge for its innovative, eco-friendly features. Central to the laptop’s success is its packaging: the dv6929 is sold in a messenger bag that’s made of 100% recycled materials, eliminating 97% of the cardboard and plastic that are traditionally used to package the notebook.

The HP Pavilion dv6929’s smaller footprint means that more notebooks can be packed into delivery trucks; its new design will remove the equivalent of one out of every four delivery trucks off the road in terms of fuel and CO2 emissions savings.

The Pavilion dv6929 is exclusively available at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Every consumer who purchases this HP notebook can recycle their old computer at the store for free.