From Tag-Teaming Tablet Tools to Supercar Storage Devices

 - Aug 7, 2011
If the idea of a Lamborghini-branded laptop sounds awesome to you, then you are definitely going to want to check out all of these awesome ASUS innovations. ASUS isn't the biggest tech company around, but that could all change very soon.

ASUS is known chiefly for building laptops, but the company has also been behind some of the coolest and quirkiest pieces of tech ever created. The ASUS Eee Keyboard is one such piece of tech. Unveiled by ASUS at CES 2010, the Eee Keyboard is a computer contained solely in a keyboard. ASUS was also behind one of the most kickass tech company collaborations ever when it created the Lamborghini-branded laptop and cellphone. Collaborating with Lamborghini on a laptop may not be enough for a tech company to make its way to the top, but it sure isn't a bad way to start.