Asus Set to Start Shipping Cardboard Computer Cases

 - Mar 12, 2011
References: itworld & dvice
Computer manufacturer Asus is attempting to cut down on electronic waste with its new cardboard computer cases. The cases, which also double as the shipping containers, will only be available for Asus' Mini-iTX Motherboards.

Asus has taken a step in the right direction with its cardboard computer cases. E-waste is extremely harmful to the environment, with most of it finding its way to developing countries where it wreaks havoc upon the people and the land.

The Asus cardboard computer cases are also great for customization. Artistically inclined customers can draw or doodle anything they want on their case without fear of lowering its value or ruining its appearance. Here's hoping that more computer companies follow Asus' lead and start offering cardboard computer cases with their products.