ZX1 Lamborghini PDA by Asus

 - Mar 3, 2008
References: unwiredview & luxist
Italian auto manufacturer Lamborghini is releasing their own touch-screen phone, which is speculated to look and act very similar to the Apple iPhone.

The ZX1 Lamborghini PDA phone will be made by ASUS who will unveil the luxury gadget in Germany later this month at the CeBit tech show.

"The high-tech phone claims to have touch-screen access, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity, and will run with either Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Pro or Windows Mobile 6.1," Luxist explains.

ThisA graphic looks pretty slick, but it's doubtful the real thing will look like this. It'll probably look even hotter considering the company's amazing Italian knack for design. The handset is expected to sell for between $950-$1,000.

If I had one, I'm definitely call in a Lambone!