From Pixelated Luxury Cars to Luxury Landscaping Tools

 - Oct 20, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
These non-automotive Lamborghini features put owning your own Lambo right within reach. Although you won't be able to drive any of these Lamborghinis or show them off around town, owning any of these Lamborghini features will still definitely get you noticed.

These non-automotive Lamborghini features will open your eyes to a world of unknown and unheralded Lamborghini innovations.

Implications - The name Lamborghini is associated with incredible exclusivity, high price points and a luxury air that goes hand in hand with a lifestyle many aspire to. For this reason, the brand has expanded far beyond automotive and into accessories, artworks and even landscaping tools. In the case of these features, their success and sales is largely attributable to the luxury reputation and name behind the product.