Lamborghini Reventon

 - Feb 19, 2008
References: pic.qikoo & uberreview
Someone put their old cigarette packages to creative use when they built this model Lamborghini Reventon. It's even got fully functioning doors that lift upward just like on a real Lambo. It's even got detailed seats that can be taken out. You'd half expect to see a mini Marlboro Man behind the wheel!

Apparently it's made entirely out of old cigarette cartons, but I find that hard to believe, especially for parts like the wheels. I'm sure most of it is made of cartons, and I still think it's remarkable. The foil from inside the carton was sued to make the lights and exhaust pipes

I'm going to assume the artist probably used Marlboro reds... then again, there is Asian writing on the image, and I have no idea what they smoke outside of Europe and North America. Or, of course, it could just be painted.