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Bringing you the latest videos from the Trend Hunter team, the THTV category shines light on the most up-to-date events, team outings and hottest trends on the web.
play_circle_filled Cider Flavor Renaissances
Cider Flavor Renaissances
Heineken Cider Innovation Center Creates New Recipes for Diverse Markets
In the small town of Aubel, Belgium, Jean-Pierre Stassen has been in the business of making cider for nearly 40 years. His career path came naturally to him, as cider has been in the Stassen family... MORE
play_circle_filled Artistic 4K Televisions
Artistic 4K Televisions
Trend Hunter Talked to Mark Childs About 'The Frame' by Samsung
Outfitting your home with the latest digital technology no longer means sacrificing aesthetics thanks to Samsung’s latest product. With ‘The Frame,’ consumers can finally combine... MORE
play_circle_filled AR Art Gallery Experiences
AR Art Gallery Experiences
Trend Hunter Talks to 'Impossible Things' About Bringing Art to Life
With the Super Early Bird deadline for Future Festival tickets just around the corner, Trend Hunter recently joined Impossible Things Co-Founders Alex Mayhew and Ian Kelso for a sneak peek at their... MORE
play_circle_filled Surfing-Inspired Exercise Classes
Surfing-Inspired Exercise Classes
Trend Hunter Talks to Andrzej Misiak of SURFSET Toronto
One of the brand-new Trend Safaris featured at Future Festival 2017 is a company called SURFSET Toronto, which is on a mission to “shake things up” with its fun and innovative approach... MORE
Future Festival 2016
Future Festival 2016
Future Festival Gives Attendees One-on-One Time with the Trend Hunter Team
In less than two weeks, Trend Hunter will bring together more than 500 of the top innovators from around the globe for its annual innovation and trend research conference. Future Festival 2016 will... MORE
play_circle_filled Hybrid Cannabis Cafes
Hybrid Cannabis Cafes
Trend Hunter Talks to Alan Gertner About the Evolution of Cannabis Culture
Tokyo Smoke is a third-wave coffee shop that is redefining and elevating the cannabis experience. By combining coffee, clothing and cannabis, the unique lifestyle brand is a leading example of how... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival 2016
Future Festival 2016
Trend Hunter's Future Festival Takes Attendees Beyond the Conference Room
This October, Trend Hunter will once again redefine the traditional conference experience by taking attendees beyond the confines of the conference room and immersing them in the trends that will... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival 2016
Future Festival 2016
Trend Hunter's Future Festival Helps Attendees Prepare for 2017 and Beyond
This October, more than 500 innovators from companies such as Pepsi, Netflix, Adidas and Hasbro will descend on Toronto for Trend Hunter’s annual Future Festival. Organized to promote a cross-... MORE
Boxed Cocktail
Alcohol brands are launching their products in a box format for ease of use
Trend - In order to make their products more accessible—especially for outdoor gatherings—brands are offering spirits and cocktails in box packaging. Many companies are emphasizing the convenience of this format during the government-imposed COVID-19 lockdown.
Workshop Question - Conceptualize a packaging format that prioritizes convenience.
play_circle_filled Flavor-Bending Gelato Shops
Flavor-Bending Gelato Shops
Kaya Ogruce Provides a Sneak Peek at the Death in Venice Trend Safari
With Future Festival 2017 only a few months away, Kaya Ogruce has given Trend Hunter an exclusive sneak peek at the food-centric Trend Safari set to take place at Death in Venice gelateria and cafe.... MORE
play_circle_filled Iconic Canadian Fashion Companies
Iconic Canadian Fashion Companies
Michael Berg Explains the Legacy of the Berg Family Business
Keeping a family business alive for nearly a century is no easy task and no one knows this better than the Berg family of Toronto. With a legacy dating back to 1930 when Ira Berg opened up an... MORE
play_circle_filled Meticulously Curated Boutiques
Meticulously Curated Boutiques
Trend Hunter Previews the Upcoming Smoke + Ash Trend Safari
In order to showcase the future of modern retail, Trend Hunter enlisted the help of the Toronto-based boutique Smoke + Ash to be a part of Future Festival 2017. To find out what the hip Queen West... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival's Trend Safaris
Future Festival's Trend Safaris
Explore the Streets of Toronto During Immersive Trend Safaris
While most business conferences revolve around presentations and panel discussions, Trend Hunter takes a completely different approach to content at its annual business innovation event, Future... MORE
play_circle_filled Empowering Urban Tea Bars
Empowering Urban Tea Bars
Trend Hunter Takes a Look at the Upcoming Plentea Trend Safari
With the demand for specialty tea reaching new heights, Toronto’s Plentea is quickly making a name for itself in the city’s West end and beyond. To find out what make the hip tea bar so... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival's Future Party & Tech Demos
Future Festival's Future Party & Tech Demos
Experience the Future Firsthand at Future Festival
When it comes to business conferences, most days end with a glass of wine and some quiet mingling among attendees. While this is a common scene that plays out at most conferences, this is not the... MORE
play_circle_filled Whole Coconut Cocktails
Whole Coconut Cocktails
Juan Coronado of Bacardi Shows Trend Hunter How to Make a Coconut Cocktail
Patio season has officially arrived, and for many people this means that it’s the perfect time for cool summer cocktails. To help Canadians start their summer season off right, Trend Hunter... MORE
play_circle_filled All-Natural Vodka Cocktails
All-Natural Vodka Cocktails
Trend Hunter Talks to Dan Beach and Neetu Godara of SoCIAL LITE Vodka
While the food industry has been quick to respond to consumer demands for more natural products, many alcohol brands have been slow to ditch the heavy reliance on sugar, sweeteners and other... MORE
play_circle_filled Auto Brand Concert Experiences
Auto Brand Concert Experiences
Mercedes-Benz Canada is Now Working with Live Nation Canada
Mercedes-Benz Canada recently announced a new partnership with Live Nation Canada that gives drivers exclusive access to some of the most highly anticipated musical performances. For those who love... MORE
play_circle_filled Slow-Motion Photo Booths
Slow-Motion Photo Booths
Attendees Created Their Own Slowmo Videos at Future Festival 2016
Although the thought of jumping up and down while wielding a plastic sword may not sound like the average conference activity, this is exactly what attendees experienced at Trend Hunter’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival 2016
Future Festival 2016
Trend Hunter's Future Festival Will Help Innovators Plan for the Years Ahead
In just one week’s time, Trend Hunter will bring together like-minded innovators and creative geniuses from around the world for a one-of-a-kind business innovation event. Unlike an ordinary... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival 2016
Future Festival 2016
Trend Hunter's Future Festival Highlights Emerging Trends for 2017 and Beyond
This October, innovation leaders from companies such as Pepsi, Adidas, Netflix and Hasbro, will join more than 500 like-minded innovators for Trend Hunter’s annual research and innovation... MORE
play_circle_filled Enhanced Hockey Broadcasts
Enhanced Hockey Broadcasts
Stephen McArdle Explains How the NHL is Improving Its Live Broadcasts
This September, more than 170 of the NHL’s top players will come together for the World Cup of Hockey 2016. This year, the best-on-best tournament will include a special fan experience for... MORE
play_circle_filled Trend Safaris & Toronto Culture
Trend Safaris & Toronto Culture
Trend Hunter's Future Festival 2016 Showcases the Best of Toronto
This October, more than 500 like-minded innovators will descend upon the city of Toronto for a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the trends that will come to define the market in 2017 and... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival 2016
Future Festival 2016
Trend Hunter's Future Festival Showcases the Work of Top Industry Innovators
For the second year in a row, Trend Hunter will change the way companies do business by helping consumer insight and innovation leaders from around the world prototype actionable ideas for 2017 and... MORE
play_circle_filled Future Festival 2016
Future Festival 2016
Trend Hunter's Future Festival is Unlike Any Other Innovation Conference
For the second year in a row, Trend Hunter will redefine the traditional conference experience by bringing together more than 500 like-minded innovators and immersing them in the trends that will... MORE