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Trend Reports
Discover why 1,208 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights.
Join 327,694 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights.
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Learn more about how to hunt megatrends, ideas, patterns and opportunity.
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Hunter Picks Trends

Taking a look at some of the awesome writers that are gracing the front pages of, this Hunter Picks category discusses some of the hottest trends on the web and why our writers can’t get enough of them.
play_circle_filled Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
Multi-Tasking Shirt Concepts
MerinoTech+ Offers Versatile and Travel-Friendly Apparel
These multi-tasking shirts by MerinoTech+ are ideal for busy travelers. The garments ensure that wearers don’t need to change clothes when transitioning from a plane to a business meeting,... MORE
play_circle_filled Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging
Editor Michael Hemsworth Discusses the Inductive Charging Technology Boom
In addition to being visually unappealing, wires and charging cables are becoming outdated due to the recent advancements in inductive charging technology. Trend Hunter’s Michael Hemsworth... MORE
play_circle_filled Morbid Puppet Pop Art
Morbid Puppet Pop Art
Amanda Greer Discusses Evil Puppet Illustrations and Being a Mad Scientist
Trend Hunter Amanda Greer gets a kick out of evil puppet illustrations, particularly those of Dan Luvisi. Each of Luvisi’s works depicts a couple of cherished, childhood characters in... MORE
play_circle_filled Compact Concealable Gadgets
Compact Concealable Gadgets
Jen Chae Discusses James Bond-Worthy iPhone Gadgets
Jen Chae has a passion for quirky iPhone gadgets that make selfie-taking a whole lot easier. Her favorite gadget is a wallet-sized tripod that begins as the size and shape of a business card. By... MORE
play_circle_filled Functional Miniaturization
Functional Miniaturization
Video Editor Rick Ponte Discusses Some Sick Stop Motion Action Movies
Video Editor Rick Ponte is a huge fan of stop motion action movies, especially a particularly action-packed short film by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, called ‘Micro Mayhem.’ Stoopid Buddy... MORE
play_circle_filled Prank Advertising
Prank Advertising
Lacey Walsh Discusses the Best Beer Commercials and Conquering the World
Trend Hunter Lacey Walsh spends a lot of her time watching hilarious and quirky videos, so it’s no surprise that she’s become a connoisseur of some of the best beer commercials from the... MORE
Prank Photo Advertising
Prank Photo Advertising
Misel Saban Unveils How the Adobe Photoshop Prank Caught People Off-Gaurd
Trend Hunter Misel Saban discusses an Adobe Photoshop prank advertisement that caught many people off-guard while waiting casually for the bus. Artist Erik Johansson sat in a nearby car snapping... MORE
play_circle_filled Convenient Retail
Convenient Retail
Trend Hunter Alex Lam Discusses Retail Apps and Pokemon Training
In his interview with Trend Hunter’s video team, Alex Lam showcased some cool new retail apps that make buying and selling items easy and painless. Alex’s favorite app, called ‘Sold,... MORE
Savory Advent
Advent calendars with savory dishes are gaining popularity beyond novelty
Trend - Advent calendars, traditionally filled with small snacks, are now being made to include savory meals in each pouch. While this started as a novelty, it is now gaining mainstream popularity. These calendars are intended for consumers who are less interested in treats than traditional foods.

Insight - The holiday season is often categorized as one of consumption, whether it be gifts for loved ones or food and drink. Consumption combined with festivities leads to an increase in people sharing their favorite foods with one another as an expression of the relationship between the two. These consumers are aware that not every individual shares the same preferences for foods in festivities, leading to the diversification of traditional festive products for those with distinct tastes.
Workshop Question - How could your company draw inspiration from less-than-traditional holiday products while creating its new product or service?
play_circle_filled Eco-Conscious Luxury
Eco-Conscious Luxury
Jana Pijak Discusses Her Favorite Sustainable Design Concepts
As more people begin to understand the importance of sustainable design for our future, people want to ensure even high-end products reflect a commitment to the environment. Trend Hunter’s... MORE
play_circle_filled Opulent Infant Luxury
Opulent Infant Luxury
Jana Pijak Discusses Her Favourite Lavish Baby Products
Good parents want to give their children the best, which might include lavish baby products if they can afford them. Trend Hunter Editor Jana Pijak explores infant-intended opulence from $12 million... MORE
play_circle_filled Active Outdoor Play
Active Outdoor Play
Editor Meghan Young Discusses Her Picks to Encourage Outdoor Activity in Kids
With most kids off on summer holidays, many parents are trying to encourage their children to get off the couch and engage in active outdoor play. Trend Hunter’s Meghan Young counts down her... MORE
play_circle_filled Wearable Art Attire
Wearable Art Attire
Jana Pijak Discusses Her Favourite Conceptually Creative Fashions
While fashion can be referred to wearable art in and of itself, some menswear designers are taking this concept quite literally and creating lines or pieces directly influenced by works of art.... MORE
play_circle_filled Creative Cosplay
Creative Cosplay
Trend Hunter Editor Meghan Young Discusses Clever Comic-Con Outfits
With San Diego’s epic comic book convention right around the corner, these Comic-Con outfits are definitely worth checking out if you plan on attending or just enjoy dressing up. Trend Hunter&#... MORE
play_circle_filled Celebratory Customization
Celebratory Customization
Trend Hunter Editor Meghan Young Discusses DIY Wedding Decor
Weddings can be expensive, so finding DIY wedding decor projects are ideal for crafty brides working under budget. Trend Hunter’s Meghan Young discusses celebratory customization, offering her top... MORE
play_circle_filled Brilliant Brain-Controlled Devices
Brilliant Brain-Controlled Devices
Farida Helmy is a Die-Hard Fan of the OpenBCI Project
Trend Hunter’s very own Farida Helmy loves tech toys and is especially a fan of the OpenBCI project. Recently debuted at CES 2014, this innovative concept is bound to revolutionize technology... MORE
play_circle_filled Refining Outcast Photography
Refining Outcast Photography
Kristina Talks About Rosie Holtom's Life-Changing Photo Series
Trend Hunter’s Kristina Markovic is a photography fan especially attracted to the work of Rosie Holtom. One collection that really stood out to Kristina was Holtom’s touching series... MORE
play_circle_filled Brillant Posture-Straightening Devices
Brillant Posture-Straightening Devices
Janelle Savel Keeps Things Straight with the Lumo Lift
Trend Hunter’s Janelle Savel is a straight-edge gal with a love for the Lumo Lift. Debuted at CES 2014, this nifty gadget was created to aid in the correction of bad posture. The Lumo Lift is... MORE
play_circle_filled Outrageously Overweight Santa Structures
Outrageously Overweight Santa Structures
Tiffany Ng Confesses Her Love for a Meatier Santa Claus
Trend Hunter’s Tiffany Ng opens our eyes to a more nontraditional and very overweight Santa Clause. Santa does have a belly like a bowl full of jelly, but this grossly obese Santa sculpture... MORE
play_circle_filled Alarming Aristocratic Family Profiles
Alarming Aristocratic Family Profiles
Ashley Talks About the Royal Family’s Astonishing Port
Trend Hunter’s Ashley Lesiak talks about the troubling Dutch Royal Family profile that features the aristocratic bunch looking more eerie than anything. The not-so-fabulous family profile is a... MORE
play_circle_filled Immersive Surround Sound
Immersive Surround Sound
Justin Williams Chats About Underwater Speakers and Web Coding Strategies
Web coder Justin Williams loves anything that makes swimming laps less monotonous, especially these underwater speakers. Attaching to the swimmer’s face, these speakers send sound through... MORE
play_circle_filled Inside-Out Boutiques
Inside-Out Boutiques
Laura McQuarrie Discusses Surreal Boutique Designs and Exploding Astronauts
Trend Hunter Laura McQuarrie’s ultimate passion lies in the world of interior design, especially creative and innovative boutique designs. Her favorite boutique display hails from Poland,... MORE
play_circle_filled Giant Touchscreen Technologies
Giant Touchscreen Technologies
Ryan Fowler Discusses 40-Foot Touchscreen Technology
Many people love to interact with touchscreen technology, and the Cleveland Museum of Art is taking advantage of the fad by installing a giant 40-foot touchscreen in their gallery. This giant... MORE
play_circle_filled Saturated Rodent Chess Pieces
Saturated Rodent Chess Pieces
Jennifer Paul Explains Her Love for this Mousey Game of Chess
Trend Hunter’s Jennifer Paul is an old-fashioned girl with a love for the traditional game of chess. With a bizarre twist on the classic board game, Jennifer enjoys the Taxidermy Mouse Chess... MORE
play_circle_filled Mammal-Themed Gamer Attire
Mammal-Themed Gamer Attire
Michael Baxter Discusses Some Intricate Gamer Gear
Trend Hunter’s Michael Baxter acknowledges hip and fashionable gamer gear with his love for sloth-inspired gamer apparel. Produced by the online retailer, these pieces of video... MORE