Trend Hunter Editor Meghan Young Discusses Clever Comic-Con Outfits

 - Jul 24, 2014
With San Diego's epic comic book convention right around the corner, these Comic-Con outfits are definitely worth checking out if you plan on attending or just enjoy dressing up. Trend Hunter's Meghan Young discusses creative cosplay, offering her four favorite costumes to celebrate Comic-Con.

From medieval superhero costumes to retro cartoon trios and budget cosplayer costumes, these Comic-Con outfits take many forms. One creative cosplay take is a mashup between Disney and Star Wars in the form of a Snow White meets Boba Fett costume. For an intricate armored approach, the legendary Stan Lee designed his own medieval costumes. Or for those on a budget, you can recreate any look from Frozen and beyond out of household items. Then again you can completely step away from gaming and superhero culture by dressing up as a member of the Daria trio.