Lacey Walsh Discusses the Best Beer Commercials and Conquering the World

 - Jul 10, 2013
References: youtube
Trend Hunter Lacey Walsh spends a lot of her time watching hilarious and quirky videos, so it's no surprise that she's become a connoisseur of some of the best beer commercials from the past year. Her favorite, produced by Carlsberg, is an insane friendship-testing beer ad. This beer ad taped men calling their best friends in the wee hours of the morning, asking them to withdraw a ton of cash and come to a seedy neighborhood to pick them up. The ad filmed these loyal comrades as they appeared at a dingy old building with a wad of cash, hoping to help out their friend. Little did they know, the room where their friend was being "held" was actually full of people having a good time while popping open a couple of Carlsbergs.

Lacey's always been into quirky and weird videos, as well as interesting and innovative keynote speeches. Writing for both the Trend Hunter main site and, Lacey's well on her way to accomplishing her dream of "conquering the world."