Amanda Greer Discusses Evil Puppet Illustrations and Being a Mad Scientist

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: danluvisiart & youtube
Trend Hunter Amanda Greer gets a kick out of evil puppet illustrations, particularly those of Dan Luvisi. Each of Luvisi's works depicts a couple of cherished, childhood characters in bizarrely adult situations. Over the years, Luvisi has drawn everything from Bert and Ernie as rugged truck drivers, cigarettes hanging out of their felted mouths and brows furrowed in a look of intense road rage, to Amanda's favorite, a muppet-Javier Bardem hybrid illustration depicting two muppets in a scene from 'No Country for Old Men.' Titled 'No Country for Old Muppets,' this drawing shows one muppet holding another in a fatal choke-hold. This darkly humorous drawing merges childhood innocence with R-rated films, showing that kids born in the late 1980s and 90s are beginning to leave their childhood behind through satire and parody.

When Amanda isn't looking for other twisted and morbid drawings, she loves writing, performing and working on kicking her social media addiction.