Laura McQuarrie Discusses Surreal Boutique Designs and Exploding Astronauts

 - Jul 17, 2013
References: youtube
Trend Hunter Laura McQuarrie's ultimate passion lies in the world of interior design, especially creative and innovative boutique designs. Her favorite boutique display hails from Poland, where interior designers managed to turn an entire clothing store upside-down. To do this, the decorators put a hardwood floor on the store's ceiling, where most of the boutique's furniture also rests. For visitors walking into the store for the first time, this creates the illusion that they're walking on a ceiling, rather than a floor; unwary shoppers are disoriented, thinking they've been turned upside-down.

To feed her hunger for interior design, Laura updates her thriving Pinterest board daily, scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest in the design world. While she's had to let go of her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, (since she found out that their heads could potentially explode in outer space), interior design has taken its place, allowing Laura to remain creative and enthusiastic, especially when she's writing trends.